Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Genesis 2:18

It is not good that man be alone; I will make him a helper corresponding to him.  Genesis 2:18
Since the Bible began, it has been proven that everyone needs a life-long partner. Through the good times and bad, we have always needed people to bring out the best in ourselves. While it may not be admitted today, people see the better parts of themselves through their loved ones; we are truly driven to inspire those who inspire us.
Biblically, it’s stated that the first created man, Adam, could not lead a future alone; he needed a life-long spiritual partner. Today, statistics present the inexorable truth: people are evidently happier when they’re with others. I can relate, as I have been blessed with someone who can bring out the upmost happiness in any person, including me, for the past sixteen years of my life. While I may not have been alive to experience the formation of the first Bible or man, I live each and every day of my life carrying the sense of happiness that accompanied Adam in his early stages of life: I have a life-long friend who corresponds to me. And just like Eve, the first created woman, my spiritual other half is beautiful.
To say that my twin sister, Carly, was a gift I had been searching for since birth would be a little far-fetched. I was never offered the opportunity to be an only child in my family. Technically, I was only granted thirteen minutes to bask in the independence and honor of being the first-born daughter, and ever since those short minutes, I have never been alone. Looking back, however, I really didn’t even need those thirteen minutes of “freedom.”
As a twin and sister, Carly is my friend by blood. We live and get along under the same roof, look fairly similar, and respect each other in the ways that good siblings should. Between the ages of six through twelve, our hobbies remained relatable and our passions had yet to be discovered. Throughout those years, people naturally assumed we were the best of friends, and I naturally agreed. At the time, it had never occurred to me that our hobbies would later evolve along with our similar friends and undiscovered passions. I had never realized that my twin sister would only grow more and more integral in my life, my social status, and my spiritual perspective.
Since Adam and Eve were originally the only human begins placed on earth, they learned to bond with each other. Later, however, they grew together as siblings and began to form a life-long friendship which then inspired the further creations of humanity. Though the two were created with God’s essence in order to inspire the world, they did so by choice. I am proud to say that under any circumstance, Carly is my beautiful best friend—by choice.
Once we entered a new chapter of our lives, or high school, Carly and I grew closer while our choices and preferences differed. My sister discovered her light on stage, performing and mesmerizing audiences of any size. She sings, dances, acts, and writes and has been a pivotal addition to our school’s theatre department. I, on the contrary, have chosen to delve into spirituality and religion, taking comfort in Judaism and the studies of other faiths. While we each have chosen unique life paths for us, our common decision was our choice to remain trustworthy friends both inside and outside our home. Usually, the polarizing hobbies and ideas of entertainment would typically deter sisters from voluntarily becoming friends, but Carly and I have experienced the opposite. While our separate passions began to unfold, Carly and I have united together.
Siblings who see their friendships as “mandatory” do not recognize all the potential joys of living with a best friend. I understand that I need to respect, defend, and comfort my sister during rough times, but those acts of siblinghood are the bare minimums. I’ve realized that Carly is the kind of person and friend that I want to respect, defend, comfort, and love.
Like Adam and Eve, I pray that my sister and I will only grow closer as we enter new chapters of our lives. I pray that we will continue to embark upon days that bring us joy with gusto, (days filled with successful auditions and performances) and speedily overcome any obstacles (such as the rare rejections and heartbreaks, perhaps a little less rare for me) with strength. I pray that Carly will continue to honor God in everything she does, inspiring me to do the same. Like the first bond created on earth, we have the potential to inspire humanity for generations to come. We can change the world simply by respecting each other with our natural morals and most importantly- by choice.
To say that I am blessed is an understatement. I have a sister who chooses to be my friend and even includes me in her busy social life. I am fortunate to have a twin who not only is a loyal sister, but also my closest friend. With our different passions and interests, it’s almost just a coincidence that we look alike, but I’ve accepted that we’re different. While looking back, I would not trade in a single day with Carly for all the materialistic happiness in the world.  
Only sixteen years ago, my sister became my instant best friend by blood, but today, like the most intricate biblical creation, she is my eternal best friend by choice.
To Carly, my greatest friend; I hope your first of many prom dresses is only half as beautiful as you.  


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  3. I'm so glad that you have this relationship still. I just came back from teaching middle school at a Jewish day school in Chicago for my second year; between when I left Chicago and when I go to camp in a few hours I had 3 days at home. During that time, Hannah came down from Knoxville where she had just gone up two days prior to go to summer semester, and Adam came in from Israel where he has been the last year and a half as a Lone Soldier. I too am blessed to have such ties with my siblings, even as we move in our own directions in different states/countries. I pray that our respective sibling bonds never change.